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FCCU Regenerator Overhead Flue Gas Expansion Joint

FCCU Regenerator Overhead Flue Gas Expansion Joint
 MACOGA has completed the detailed engineering, manufacturing and testing of one FCCU Regenerator Overhead Flue Gas Expansion Joint for the Petroperu Talara Refinery Modernization Project.
The FCC Cold Wall design Expansion Joint Tied ID 1410 mm, with a total length of 10942 mm, designed as per UOP Specifications, includes: 2 ply testable & packed Bellows in ASTM B443 Inconel 625 LCF, Internal and external Super Wool insulation, Hexagonal Mesh, sealing anchors and sealing rope, Abrasion Lining Rescobond AA 22 S, etc.

This FCCU Expansion Joints undergo a comprehensive quality control and testing program including:
  • Review Drawings
  • Advanced Review of Calculations
  • Check Material and welding consumables certificates
  • Review and update WPS, PQR and WQR
  • Review NDE Procedures & Operator Qualification
  • 100% RT- Radiographic Examination
  • 100% PT - Liquid Penetrant Examination
  • MT - Magnetic Particle Examination
  • Hardness Testing of Welds
  • Pressure & Leak Detection Test
  • 100% PMI - Positive Material Identification
  • 100% Inspection of Refractory Lining by API Inspector
  • Surface Preparation & Paint System
Talara, Peru's second biggest oil refinery base on production, is located 1,185 km away from Lima, the capital of Peru. The refinery is spread across 128.9 ha and has a crude oil processing capacity of more than 65,000 barrels per day (bpd or BBL/D). It produces domestic LPG, motor gasoline, solvents, A-1 turbo, diesel, kerosene, industrial oils and asphalt for national and international markets. Peruvian state-owned oil company Petroperu operates the refinery. A modernization and upgrade project was launched at the refinery in May 2014 and is expected to be completed by 2017. It is aimed at increasing the refinery's crude oil processing capacity from the existing 65,000 bpd to 95,000 bpd.

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